Commercial Property

This field of law provides guidelines for the purchase, sale, lease, and use of commercial land. This involves transaction such as freehold lease, commercial lease, property acquisition, and development of land for both commercial investment and commercial development. It also includes the resolution of disputes relating to commercial property. The two main issues relevant to commercial property law are conveyancing transactions and dispute resolution.

Commercial Conveyancing

Conveyancing is the process by which property changes hands from a seller to a buyer. In commercial conveyancing transactions either the seller or buyer may be an individual or a business organisation. And, while commercial conveyancing is mostly concerned with commercial and industrial property transactions, some residential property transactions also fall within this category.

When commercial property changes hands, both the buyer and the seller have obligations to meet in order to complete the transaction.

Some of these steps are often completed when commercial property is being leased, too. For instance, title and other searches are performed, along with an inventory of the property.

Dispute Resolution

Commercial property disputes can encompass a wide range of issues, such as disputes over payment of rent for a leased property, easement, right of way, or boundary disputes, contractual disputes during conveyancing, and others.

Most disputes are resolved out of court via alternative methods such as arbitration and mediation. Litigation via the court system is a last resort due to the expense and the attendant publicity that is often involved in a court case.

Commercial Property Resources

Commercial Property Solicitors - This legal directory will allow students to search solicitors that specialise in commercial property laws. For most students you will probably find this section most relevant: commercial property solicitors in London, you can also filter this further to a precise London borough if required.


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