Family Law

Family law deals with legal matters that affect families, including issues such as child adoption, surrogacy, separation and divorce, and child custody arrangements. Family law can also step in to protect children or adults who are being abused or otherwise mistreated by a family member.

Most disputes in the field of family law involve marriage or long-term relationships; for instance, pre-nuptial agreements, separation, divorce, and the issues that accompany divorce such as custody and financial arrangements. However, family law does oversee other matters, particularly relating to the protection of children, and the care of the elderly and vulnerable people.

Some examples of family law matters include:

Resolving Family Disputes

When family disputes reach the courts, they’re dealt with by specialist branches of the high court, county court, or magistrate court. However, as UK law requires that people try to resolve disputes out of court whenever possible, most disputes are resolved via negotiation, mediation, or collaborative law. These processes involve one or more meetings, where each party can voice their concerns and wants, and try to come to an agreement.

Family Law Resources

Resolution - Resolution supports the development of family lawyers through its national and regional training programmes, through publications and good practice guides and through its accreditation scheme.


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