People who want to enter the UK to live and work must do so by applying to a governmental body known as UK Visas and Immigration. The regulations that control who can enter the country and for how long are part of immigration law.

Qualifying to Enter the UK

Everyone who enters the UK from another country must meet certain requirements. Those requirements change depending on where people are from, how long they want to stay in the UK, and what they want to do there. For instance, the requirements for someone entering the country for a month-long holiday are different from the requirements for someone who wants to live and work in the UK permanently.

Everyone who enters the country must have a visa, which is obtained via UK Visas and Immigration. There are different ways to qualify for a visa depending on things like marital status and country of origin.

For non-EEC residents, immigration is subject to a tier system where certain skills are valued highly, and people with those skills can get a visa more quickly. In general, getting a visa is easier for those who have money to invest, or who have valuable skills, or who already have a job offer in the UK.

Becoming a UK Citizen

Once you're living in the UK, you have several different possibilities for eventually becoming a citizen or resident.